Saturday, May 13, 2006

The sculpture pictured below was created by the famous artist Cyrus E. Dallin and it is titled Menotomy Indian Hunter. It stands in tribute to the First Nation of the Mystic Valley. It can be found in Robbins Park between the Robbins Library and Town Hall in Arlington, MA.

The earliest name for the Town of Arlington, MA was the Village of Menotomy. Obviously an Algonquian word, for more than 100 years it was believed that Menotomy meant, "swiftly flowing water." For more than 100 years people had it wrong.

You can read the booklet in PDF format titled The True Meaning Of Menotomy by author Jim Porter at this link:

The booklet includes an explanation of how and why people got the translation wrong, and an in-depth explanation of what the word actually means. Also included is a timeline of the First Nation of the Mystic Valley as related to the land owned by the last Queene of Misticke, the Squaw Sachem of the Pawtucket.